Alexander Ebert

Alexander Ebert a member of Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeroes is a big inspiration to me.Here are some quotes,pics and of course an amazing video of his single Truth...
http://vimeo.com/26454103 <-----

And I hear myself screamin' for the Truth,
Everybody talkin' but I'm still confused.
In the dream I saw the kingdom we would lose.
And everybody singing love, sweet love.

Do you know the way, the things to say,
The way to win the game of life?
Aaah, I should know better.
Do you have the time, the time is now,
To get your money house and wife.
Aaah, I ain't no liar.
Like exploding face
I’m gonna tell the world
Been a million years full of fears
But I found my girl

It’s a spun tongue
It’s a holy shit
It’s a loud cry from the heart
It’s a live death
It’s a big breath
It’s a no more we’re apart

Like a rainbow crash
As we bow and swirl
Been a million years full of tears
But I found my girl

Like exploding sun
Let the light unfurl
Been a million years full of fears
But I found my girl
Is the sun so selfish, because it will set now?
Is the wind a jerk because it change?
Would you call the earth an asshole
For turning 'round n round you know,
It never ever stays in just one place.
Now if I'm not mistaken, the natural equation would be,
You and I as best of friends for life.
Cross all your lines and numbers,
And wake up from the slumber
Into a dream of neither day or night.

Cause I don't want to lean on your wedding bell,
Fare thee well.
I'll remain your friend till we meet again,
In the twilight

Perhaps I'm crazy
Still I'm thinking, there is change in the air
We were trying together
Now we're trying just to care
Now if we find peace
Oh let it stay
Let it last beyond the day

I've had glimpses of our tomorrow
But Lord if I didn't I'd kill myself today

Now mama I'm so tired, from the bullshit
I know I'll make it with you by my side

he´s so riiight

Don't hide my eyes,
I wanna see.
Don't hide my ears,
I wanna hear.
Don't hide my tongue,
From anyone,
I wanna tell, heaven and hell.
I won't hide my heart,
It won't break apart.
I know they'll be sharing,
They'll be sharing all the way

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