William Blake

If thought is Life
and Strength and breath,
and the Want
of thought is death;
Then am I
a happy Fly, 
If I Live
Or If I Die.
(The Fly)
                                            You don’t believe — I won’t attempt to make ye.

You are asleep — I won’t attempt to wake ye.
Sleep on, sleep on, while in your pleasant dreams
Of reason you may drink of life’s clear streams
Reason and Newton, they are quite two things,
For so the swallow and the sparrow sings.
Reason says ‘Miracle’, Newton says ‘Doubt’.
Aye, that’s the way to make all Nature out:
Doubt, doubt, and don’t believe without experiment.
That is the very thing that Jesus meant
When he said: ‘Only believe.” Believe and try,
Try, try, and never mind the reason why.

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