bad dreams are worse than bad reality

This night was crazy,I had 2 bad bad dreams...really rare because I usually have no dreams or I just don´t remember them.
Then I couldn´t sleep and I had some ideas blowing my mind so I wrote them down :
I want to swim in the ocean
with no prejudices
I want to fly in the sky
with no destination
I want to be free as a bird
I want to be natural as an animal in the forest
I want people to forget the norms I want them to rise their true inside
I want the world to be ruled by heart not by mind
because heart is real and mind is influenced.
I want to see people laughing, doing crazy things that they always want to do but feel ashamed of them-
Everyone needs to make his own world, find his own opinion,
live the life you want to live the way you want it to live and 
oh yeah,
don´t forget to love.



  1. Love your haircut!

    WE follow your blog now :) Come and visit ours!