Good morning.Yesterday was an unreal day...I was quite bored because I didn´t go to the party I was supposed to go.But my friend called me to go out,to someone´s idontknow birthday party, I was a little drunk so I said whateveeeer I just didn´t want to stay at home. We went to some old building in my city where bands practice and of course theres some drinking and stuff like that I guess You can imagine,I´m from Slovakia it´s out tradition (alcohol everywhere and anytime..)so my friend and I got high and it was like in a movie...old dirty building(an old school probably),alcohol everywhere,punk kids,the smell of weed,guitar and drum playing and massages and lyrics of the songs like for example Black hole sun won´t You come and wash away the rain?  wrtitten on the walls and some pictures too. You know that "high" feeling it ´s like you live in the moment and if you are in the place like that you feel unreal and happy.Happy because I didn´t know there was a place in my city like that and I´ve been living here for like 15years haha.rather late than never

Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit 


  1. Yeah that's a badass cover of Juicy. That girl handled! Yeah dude I'm from Los Angeles. I see your from Slovakia. Wow! but your party post sounds fun haha. I always like parties like that. Sleazy!

    1. oh pretty amazing that you´re from LA! Do you even know where Slovakia is ? cus that is probably the biggest hole of the world...looking forward to go away from here in the future and yeah those parties are the best,the unexpected ones